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David Grant

Hey Thomas, Just ... THANKS, man. And congratulations, too!
Odd wishes from me to you???
Thanks for being in-spirited in the situation. That in-spires (from inspirare=breathing-in) me. Thanks.
And congratulations for letting that 'country' steal from you yet again and again and again til you got nothin left and you could be howling. You could be howling. But there you are, serene and empty. Congratulations, dude.
Your bro'

Jim Benoit

Thomas, I am so glad to hear that you are safe. I was so concerned after hearing of the tsunami hitting there as hard as it had. My heart pours out to you and all of the people there. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay well my friend.

Joe Bonelli

Thomas, thank God you are okay. Your chronicle is awe-inspiring! Contact me asap. Ms. Pub Radio news would probably like to talk to you. You could spread some important news to the isolated here. God bless you and I hope to see you soon. And may God also bless the tragic people of that area. Your words in the blog are hopeful and that's the best I've heard since the disaster. Take care. Joe PS-- Am getting folks from movie poster collectors group to contribute.


WE ALL LOVE YOU! And we're so happy your spirits are up--despite th fact that you have to be on a PC (shudder to think...) But seriously, we've all been worried sick about you and hope you know how much we've been praying and thinking safe thoughts.

Now, when the hell are you coming HOME????

Love, Bec, Bri, Zack and Josh

write or call when you can...

Andrea Force


As I signed onto Electric Minds this morning to joke and banter, I had a moment of guilt over spending time at such idle pleasure. I also pondered the fact that tonight I will be celebrating the New Year.

The tsunami dominates the news here. Everyday the newscasters update the grim statistics. But I don't know anyone on that side of the world (I thought). It's awful news, but it doesn't touch me. And then I feel guilty for that.

It took finding out that you were there to put a human face on the tragedy for me. The way you describe how life at the Mutur/NP House has been affected makes the newscasts real. And I feel shame for that.

I shouldn't need for someone I know to be there to feel compassion for the victims of a tragedy of such magnitude.

Please don't misunderstand my post. I am not asking you or anyone else for forgiveness. My guilt and shame is mine to deal with. If anything, I have discovered something about myself that I don't like very much. But, at least knowing it, I can work on it.

I do apologize for this post being about me ... so far. What I just read up above is mostly joyful news. The house survives. The cat and dog are fine. Most of the data from your G4 is retrievable after all. And, most importantly, the tsunami spared you and your housemates.

Be safe, be happy,
Andrea Force "vita"


The greatest gift for me this holiday season was to see your face smiling back up at me from a Newsday ad. It was only then I knew you were alive and OK. My computer has crashed and I had no access to a computer to check the blog. Be well my friend and I will write more wen I can. Until later, always Fran

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