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What a moving experience for you, that you've conveyed so honestly to us! Those children and adults were blessed by your kindness, and in return you've been blessed. Thank you for sharing it.


Just read about your visit to orphanege and am happy that you found the medicine to heal your emotional pain. I found your site after reading about the devastating effects of the Tsuami that hit SE Asia in Newsday.

I am so glad for blogs. Perhaps through this tool and the internet, the real truth and atrosities about what is going on in the world and the U.S. will be reported by the eyes and ears of everyday people, not tainted by mega media mogels who control what is reported via the TV!
I feel your healing and pray you and all with you are safe and stay healthy. What your doing is wonderful, however you brought children into this world and they and their children need a father and grand father around. Think about their emotional needs also.
For myself and others here in the U.S., we are working on trying to get a bill past to establish a Dept. of Peace in addition to the Dept of Defense. see (I think thats it).
I remain a 55 yr old female, former Long Island gal who moved to Texas in 78 with her company (AA). I read Newsday everyday to stay connected with my roots.
...Stay safe with this world diaster that you are in the middle of. Peace. Karen


correction to above, re the Dept of Peace.
web address...

Dennis Tabella

I went to that orphanage once a week with the Chaplain in 1966. I was with the 1st Army Postal Unit in Qui Nhon (on the air field). I had family members sending supplies for the orphanage.

Thomas Brinson

Thanks, Dennis -- I hope my article about the orphanage and my visit to it many years later was interesting and moving for you . . .

Dennis Tabella

Yes, your article about the orphanage was very interesting and moving for me. I have very strong memories of the children that I met there in 1966 and often wonder what happened to them.

Thomas Brinson

Great, Dennis -- I just checked your site “Defenders of Animals” and salute you & your wife for the humane work you continue to do . . .

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