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Since the ruin of life as I had known it in 2001, when my comfortable middle-class American Dream on Long Island to include a twenty-two year relationship came to a soul/gut-screeching end, I have taken various journeys “on the road”, partially emulating one of the heroes of my callow youth, Jack Kerouac. During this time I have been blessed to visit ruins of ancient civilizations in New Mexico, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.

What has struck me is the incredible synchronicity of their design and structure, as if not only are our personalities shaped by certain archetypal patterns, but so also are the buildings that our species, regardless of time, culture or geography create, especially those buildings wherein we practice our worship of the deity.

This photo album, my first, shall hopefully demonstrate the synchronicity. If not, at least they are pretty interesting, as well as quite pretty, pictures . . .