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Thomas has been blessed with a full and most varied life, one that certainly has not been in any way boring, as he feared it might be in his callow youth, growing up in Mississippi.

He has enjoyed a diverse work life, gainfully toiling in the fields of publishing, ESL, theatre production, education, government, psychotherapy, mental health program administration and virtual community.

Since his return from service as a platoon leader in Vietnam, landing in Washington, D.C. several hours after Martin Luther King had been assassinated, he has been an ardent peace activist, a longtime member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace. Currently, he is on the national board of Veterans For Peace.

He and a Vietnam Veteran colleague, Vince Treanor, wrote seminal literature and conducted the initial workshop trainings throughout the U.S. on the correlation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction among combat Vietnam Veterans.

For over 25 years he managed mental health programs and conducted a private psychotherapy practice, specializing in addictions, survivors of trauma and relationship counseling, throughout the New York City metropolitan area. He also developed a consultancy practice in the creation and management of virtual communities via the Internet.

In 2001, shortly after 9.11, he left New York, his adopted home since 1972, and went on the road traveling throughout the U.S. and settling for a couple of years in Arizona. In 2003 during the run-up to the immoral, illegal, ignoramic Iraq War he joined Nonviolent Peaceforce for almost two years as a Peace worker in Sri Lanka.

After miraculously surviving the Tsunami December 26, 2004, that devastated Sri Lanka, he and Lynn, a school nurse in Deer Park, established a long distance love relationship via email after she read a couple of newspaper articles about him that appeared in Newsday. She joined him for a "honeymoon" in April of 2005 in Sri Lanka during her Easter break. He returned Home to her on Long Island under a bright full moon on the Summer Solstice Evening of June 21st. Unfortunately, their love relationship did not survive as they had both deeply intended it to; their realities clashed with their dreams, and they parted, not as lovers, but as friends in November of 2006. Instead of being another lifelong bersherta, she was/is the love-bridge that rescued him from the despair he lived in Sri Lanka and was the channel that brought him back HOME to his beloved New York Fuckin' City.

Currently, he resides in a studio apartment with a terrace overlooking the boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean in Long Beach, NY, where he is fully retired on Social Security and a 100% VA Disability for PTSD, working full-time as an unpaid Peace Activist and poet.

He is the proud father of five adults, Rebecca, Jennifer, Dawn (Step-Daughter), Jenn (Step-Daughter) & Tommy and the grandfather of five delightful wee ones, Zackary, Camden, Lindsey, and Samantha, whom he is so grateful to be able to regularly visit again.

In his leisure time, Thomas has run New York City marathons (the last being in 2002 and participated in indoor and outdoor long distance inline skating competitions (he and son Tommy skated with Chad Hendricks, Gold Medal ice skater at the Torino Winter Olympics, for a couple of years in the early 90s). He has performed poetry in a variety of venues throughout New York and Arizona and regularly reads at open mics throughout Long Island and New York. He is ecstatic that his NY GIANTS are Super Bowl IVII Champions!

Blessed with recovery from addiction since 1972, Thomas has been actively engaged in seeking continual spiritual awakening for over three decades.